LPS INCUBATOR Womens Tech Fellowship

Welcome to our inhouse Incubator Room (A.K.A. THE BUNKER)!

So, you might be wondering, “What’s all the hullabaloo about numbers and tech?”

Well, imagine if your laptop had a personality, and your smartphone could predict your next Netflix binge choice. That’s the kind of sorcery we’re brewing! Our tagline “BECAUSE YOU ARE THE TECH” isn’t just fancy words – it’s a tech-nomagic philosophy that’s about to change the way you think about both numbers and gadgets.

Hold onto your binary code, because in the dazzling year of 2024, the stage will be set, the virtual curtains will rise, and we’ll introduce you to something that’s as numerically funky as it is tech-tastic: Life Path Secrets the App!

No Tinfoil Hats Needed: Worried about data security? Relax, your personal info is as safe as a password written in invisible ink. As you know, we are adamantly dedicated to Web 3 framework. Autonomy will always be of the utmost importance.

Get your calendar app ready, because 2024 is not just a new year – it’s a whole new numerical adventure! Keep your eyes glued to this space for more sneak peeks, inside jokes, and maybe even a virtual dance party.

Stay tuned for a coding adventure like no other – you’re not just using tech, Remember, YOU ARE THE TECH!

With cosmic giggles and binary blessings,

The LPS Incubator Team

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